How the Internet Can Be Used to Tell You Who You’re Perfect Date Might Be

June 22nd, 2011 no comment

Many of us are single because we keep looking for the same type of person without ever realizing that the specific type may not be a good fit for us. The internet is great for helping us to figure out what we’re looking for that is leading us down the wrong road. You may be surprised to find out that you get along better with an extrovert rather than the introvert that you usually seek out. If you are looking for the perfect date, there are tools that can help you determine what types of people to look for.

Online Personality Tests

Online personality tests are not only fun, they can shed valuable light on information that is vital for choosing a good match. Many personality tests will not only tell you about the type of personality you have, they will also tell you what kinds of personalities you best get along with. Print or write this information down. It can be very helpful when you start looking online.

Extensive Dating Sites

A lot of dating sites are taking a more agency type attitude over how they connect people with one another. You will pay more for these sites, but the results can be worth it. You will start by filling out an extensive questionnaire, sometimes they are several hundred questions. The computer software takes that information and compares it to the other singles that have signed up and filled out the same thing. From there it will filter it further based on your input regarding the location and body type you entered as ideal. The system will then automatically send you matches that you are going to be compatible with. After this it’s up to you to start the communication and build a stronger foundation. For those who are looking for long term relationships, this can be a great tool.

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